executive recruiting services

What Services does Ascend provide to their Clients?

We provide it all from Company Profiling to the Job Offer
We spend time getting to know your company. We learn about who you are, what you do, and what you are looking for in your “ideal” employee. Based on your companies own individual “personality and cultural” traits we identify what type of executive or professional would best fit your needs.

From your Company Profile we develop the following;

  • Job Description/Qualified Candidate Profile
  • Search and Sourcing Criteria

Through Searching and Sourcing we narrow down and identify select Qualified Candidates to take to the next step where we conduct multiple

  • Phone Interviews
  • Live Interviews
  • Behavioral Screenings
  • Reference Checks
  • Background Checks

Following our extensive Screening Process we provide a select number of Exclusive Qualified Candidates for you to review. At this point in the process Ascend Executive Recruiting provides;

  • Resume Summaries and Profiles
  • Scheduled Company Interviews
  • Benefit and Compensation Negotiation
  • Job Offer and Follow-up