Executive Recruiting: Company History

Becky O’Rourke; the Founder of Ascend Executive Recruiting spent the past 25 years as a top-producing Executive Director and Marketing Professional for multi-national Fortune 500 companies; including over a decade in-house as a top-level executive with Coca-Cola North America and The Hahn Company.

As an experienced Executive Recruiter, she is known for her extraordinary client service and outstanding results; providing superior employees through the newest most innovative research techniques, targeted marketing, and the cultivation of a strong global network of professionals.

Says Ms. O’Rourke of her company Ascend Executive Recruiting: “We’re innovative and aggressive in our approach to finding fresh, highly sought executives and professional candidates”.  The secret to her success: “We understand that each company/client is unique. Armed with a thorough knowledge of our client’s company and culture; we become a focused extension of our client, we know what we are looking for in the perfect candidate, we know how to follow-through and we know how to deliver”.